Another Great Interview Experience

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet, interview, and go for a fun barefoot outing with Radio Documentary Producer Frank Faulk. Frank contacted me last week to do a showcase half-hour radio documentary about my barefoot lifestyle. As part of the exercise, he wanted to go on a barefoot outing with me to a commercial place and experience firsthand any potential hassles; so I suggested that we go for coffee at Fairview Mall – located at the corner of Sheppard Av. & Don Mills Rd. here in Toronto, not far from where I live – especially, because I’ve had a couple of “encounters” with security there in the past. […]

Sun Media Video and Paper Article

After meeting with Thane Burnett from Sun Media on August 13, he's published a couple of pieces. Here are the links: -> Video on Canoe.ca: "Barefoot in the City" -> [...]

Is the Newest Barefooter in Town a Media Writer?

Yesterday morning, I had an interesting and rewarding meeting with Canada’s Sun Media Corporation feature writer Thane Burnett. In the past 10 years or so, I have been interviewed by numerous reporters but I must admit interviewing with Thane was by far one of the most refreshing experiences of this kind in recent months. When Thane contacted me to propose the article, he explained he wanted to do a cross-media piece focused on the urban barefooting experience here in the city; which would potentially include writing and video reporting for the different Sun Media publications which includes the Sun family of newspapers, Canoe.com and perhaps Sun TV. Needless to say, both the focus of the story, as well as the potential wide reach, got my attention. […]

There’s a Lot of Assuming Going On!

After nearly 20 years of leading a predominantly barefoot lifestyle, I keep being amazed by the amount of common assumptions "shoddies" (people who don't like going barefoot and prefer to [...]

Every Day Should be Like Yesterday…

Yesterday was one of those “perfect” barefoot days which make you really enjoy and realize it’s a great lifestyle choice. I’m in “summer mode” so I’m working from home these days (with a lighter workload) and I had my usual summer work attire on: polo shirt and a pair of cargo shorts; barefoot of course. I needed a haircut and I was eager to see my hair stylist’s new shop he’s opened a few blocks from home; so I decided to walk there at about 11 am. Joe knows me; so it’s no surprise for him to see me show up in bare feet. However, he has new staff in the new place, so I didn’t know what to expect. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the receptionist with a broad smile and she asked me to take a seat for a moment while Joe finished a phone call – no mention of my bare feet an no odd looks (need I pinch myself?) […]

New Shirt Collection at Barefoot Planet

I'm proud to announce that I just finished my new shirt design entitled "Free Your Soles". It's inspired by the feeling of freedom that one gets when barefooted. I hope [...]

No Shoes? No Problem!

... According to the Globe and Mail... The Globe and Mail, one of the main national Canadian newspapers published a nice - overall positive - article on barefooting entitled: "No [...]

Encounter with a Barefoot Runner

As many of you know, I’m no runner (barefoot or otherwise). I’ve been actually struggling with my fitness level since I gained substantial weight after starting my career as a graphic designer in my late 20’s – my lifestyle became increasingly sedentary as I got a job that kept me sitting at my computer most of the day… Despite my ever-going admiration for barefoot runners, I have never seem to be able to get into it. The excuses are numerable: ranging from lack of time to the fact that I’ve never been a runner in the past… The closest I get to it these days is my “power walks”; which consist in 3 to 4 laps around the park near by my house(about 4 to 4.5km on average) 3 times a week or so. So it happens that this week I have minimized my power walking because I messed up an old sprained ankle last week by using my elliptical trainer, which I have now determined it’s not appropriate for my height, late last week. Last night, however, I decided to go for an easy walk to the park to start getting myself back on track. I started slowly as hard surfaces like concrete are still irritating to my right ankle and parts of my foot arch. Once warmed up, I managed to get to a relatively good pace and I decided I to try to complete 3 laps around the park perimeter. So far so good! […]

Spring Barefooting Stirs Up Annual Issues

For most Canadians, after the long winter, spring means “no more heavy winter clothes” and an increase of outdoor activities. To me, it means all that as well but, most of all, it means “barefooting”. Yes, after a long hiatus, I’m finally getting back on my regular barefooting routines and, needless to say, I’m loving it. It’s been about a month since I started going for my regular walks around the neighbourhood and, like every spring, I have already noticed the usual things I see happening every year. […]

Barefooting in the snow, ever so briefly…

Well, finally we got some snow here in Toronto. After a very long and mild fall, we got our worth of cold weather and fair deal of the white stuff [...]

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